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Your home is your haven and we help keep it that way

Take the worry out of pest control. We make it easy with our pest guarantees and quarterly treatments
Responsible and Sustainable

The Haven team works to protect you, your family, your home and the Earth. One foundation of our business is to provide the highest level of pest protection, while also minimizing our carbon footprint. We achieve this goal by using only responsible, organic materials and processes. The Haven process is sustainable to create happy customers and a happy Earth.

48 Hour Service Guarantee

Haven provides more than pest solutions, we provide peace of mind for our customers. We guarantee that your home will be our priority when you need us most. Within 48 hours of receiving your call, there will be a technician at your home to provide an inspection or service. There's no need for pest stress when you are a Haven home.

365 Protection Plan

Making your home a Haven means protecting you 365 days of the year. A common misconception regarding pest control is that pests die in the winter; this is far from the truth. Pests work extra hard to enter your home to stay warm, which is why we service your home every 90 days, even in the colder months. Haven 365 is our promise to keep you and your family safe.

Free Re-service

The Haven 365 Protection Plan is incredibly effective, yet sometimes pests still manage to disrupt homes in spite of our year round treatments. If your home is victim to a pest popup between your scheduled treatments, our skilled technicians will be at your house within 48 hours for complimentary services. We don't believe in charging extra for retreatments; one price year round guarantees a protected home for you.

  • Five Step Protection Plan

  • 1
    Eave, Sweep & Dust
    Your Haven service professional will ensure that your home is free of webs and insect nests while applying a waterproof dust along the eaves.
  • 2
    Crack & Crevice Treatment
    We clean and treat cracks and crevices that have formed in your home. This prevents future nest building where pests thrive and multiply.
  • 3
    Perimeter Spray
    Our outside perimeter, water-resistant treatment is a barrier between your home and unwanted pests. All spray treatments are organic and seasonally tailored to provide 365 pest protection.
  • 4
    Granular Barrier
    Our natural, granular barrier treatment is applied for all seasons to prevent pests from nesting near your home. This environmentally sustainable barrier is formulated to strike pest problems before they begin.
  • 5
    Interior Protection
    The Haven Solutions organic interior spot treatment targets specific areas within the home that attract pests, when needed. This all-natural formula was created with your safety in mind.